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Much conversations about alpha females bring out how men are intimidated by her but very little is said about her true nature. The truculent alpha female is a powerful and successful woman often in leadership roles, driven by insecurities and ruling by fear. She is inscrutable and aloof. The stereotypical image of an alpha female from this time puts her in sky-high heels, a power suit, make up done, exuding perfect confidence and an executive level job.

She does not run in packs therefore regarded as a very lonely person. Everyone looks up to her for guidance but she looks to herself for strength. She is described within the context of masculine traits such as aggression, assertiveness, academic and professional achievement, confidence and exhibit a ‘type A’ personality.

An alpha female may also be described as a maverick per se. She challenges and encourages other women and even men to do better. Her measure of masculinity is described as the only predictor of alpha female status as per the multiple regression model. Interestingly, both alpha and non-alpha females score the same for feminine traits.

She depends on such a sense of innate superiority that she ‘s probably not aware of her status. While she would be effortlessly talented and capable, she would need a reduced capacity for empathy because otherwise it would derail her. Achievement is the focus of a female trailblazer, anything else would be secondary. She does not obsess over relationships and if she marries an alpha male there would be a blood bath. Lol.

She has high levels emotional intelligence. Contrary to common belief, an alpha female is not aggressive because sh wants to be. She is only assertive only when there need be. She leans on their emotional intelligence, their sixth sense, in order to know when to apply the proper response to ensure a positive outcome.

A female trailblazer will always admit to her mistakes no matter if the end result is good or bad. She is so confident in her abilities that she is not afraid to say when she messes up. Well, if you’re not bothered by things other females stress about, you’re definitely an alpha female.

She is always ready to learn, always working to up her game. As they say, when you see a woman with her head buried in a book instead of her phone, you know she got a grip on her life. Don’t quote me though.

Dating advices focus on what alpha females look for in a relationship, how they expect to be treated and where they can find men with whom they are compatible. Common consensus among advice books, for better or worse, seems to pair alpha females with beta males who will not get in their way since she always wants to be on the lead.

Is it worth being an alpha female? Leave a comment.

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One comment

  1. Menya Ngoje

    Well I’m not a woman 😂😂 but I feel it’s the emotional intelligence for me. 💯. Emotional intelligence begets emotional discipline and eventually you master your mind and control your chakra then you finally birth an elite mentality. I feel like anyone, whether male or female is a step closer to achieving alpha status once they’re in total control of their emotions. Every other thing transcends from there, being ice cold with nerves of steel under pressure or influence.

    Nice piece though. This piece describes Anne Montgomery from the show “What if”. If you watch the show then I’ll definitely be more than ready to come and back and have a read on part 2 of this. Nice stuff

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